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What OVAL Does?

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Collecting Stories

I want to know how and where you draw your narrative. Are you the heroine or hero of your own epic? Do you identify as an antagonist or villain? What is your driving force? I love learning about what makes you the amazing character you are and how I can help to listen, encourage, or help build the narrative you can be proud of! If you want to tell me more about yourself and what you hope to achieve, or the type of story you would like to start writing, drawing, performing or speaking, drop me a line and we can get started on it together! I know you have a great story inside you. What is it?



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The  OVAL Approach

The  OVAL Approach

Outrageous:  We come to a story, or a company from an outside approach and use our (and your) creativity to come up with the most outrageous and outside solutions, as a way to work through problems, and garner the "Hook" of your story. 

Voracious: We consume as much research as we can on both storytelling as an art form, and you as a client, along with the world you live in. We take an outside approach and start to hone it inward to your specific needs. 

Audacious: We ask you bold and uncomfortable questions, about who you are what you're doing and how we can further define and perfect your narrative.

Loquacious: Not only do we over-communicate everything we are doing with you and your team, but then we give you the tools to shout, converse, and engage in the conversation in your industry. 

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For workshops, bookings, creative sessions, or quandries of any sort please simply email:

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