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How Much is OVAL?

How much does it cost?

Rates tend to vary, whether you would like to book a storytelling session, workshop, speaking event or consultancy. But below are some base prices. 

  • FREE ( for up to 30 minutes) If you want story consultation or just a chat to see how I work I am more than happy to chat!

  • For any short-form writing pieces, articles, essays, etc. the price varies, so please get in touch.

  • £100 to £150  this is the “call out” rate for up to an hour. 

  • £275 to £300 for half a day workshop (up to 4 hours.) This includes travel and expenses. 

  • £500 – £750 for a day of workshops. (Up to 8 hours.)

  • £1,500- £3,000 to commission any plays, books, or long-form writing pieces.

  • By Arrangement One to One Mentoring/ Tuition

  • By Arrangement Keynote speeches and feature performances

For any further details or questions,  please contact me directly

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