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Speaking & Storytelling

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From University commencement speeches, to small pubs in the rural UK, I have spoken and told stories in front of audiences from 10 to over 1,000. Each speech is carefully written and prepared to give the audience the best experience possible. Ranging from topics of motivation to innovation, public speaking for groups or conferences, I can curtail speeches for exactly what you need! To discuss this further, get in touch


'Ashley’s attention to detail created wonderful images within her storytelling which kept me hanging upon every word.  I really enjoyed her relaxed style and perfectly paced story. '

-Wendy Shearer

 Founder of Story boat

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Building a repertoire of stories over the past decade, I have given numerous talks and told stories from Alternative Fairy tales, to historic research. From folklore to personal narratives, I have found and discovered stories to be retold with a twist. I have worked with: London Dreamtime,  Southwark Literary Festival, Goldsmiths College, Storyboat, Sowing Stories, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Theatrical Arts International, Amerca Reads and many more. To learn more feel free to , reach out

'Ashley obviously lights the room up, the moment she starts telling her stories. You could just look at her and dive into these new worlds with endless possibilities.. '

-Shringi Kumari 

PhD Candidate, University of York 

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For workshops, bookings, creative sessions, or quandries of any sort please simply email:

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