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Who Is OVAL?

Who Am I? 


I am Ashley Evenson. (Pleasure to meet you!) I have worked as a storyteller, (an) actor, comedian, consultant, writer, playwright, director, and producer. I spent the beginning of my career producing theatre and touring the world with multiple shows and event companies. After a career across the US I have moved to the UK, to get back to the basics and find truly inspiring tales that transcend time. 

I tell stories to bring people together. I tell stories because I want to learn and teach as many things as I can about understanding personal narratives. If you would like to book me as a storyteller, director, writer or consultant send an email and I can personalise a story, workshop or production for your needs! 


 It was wonderful to work with Ashley Evenson, who had the tact and incredible ability to piece together individual experiences and weave them into rich stories.

-Yara Mirdad

Head of Youth & Community Engagement

The Talent Enterprise


What Can I Do For You


While I offer specific services: Storytelling & Team Building Workshops, Playwriting, Directing, Speaking Engagements, and Storytelling performances, this is an open conversation. If you need something catered specifically to you or your company, theatre, or audience, I can do that as well. If you need research for types of storytelling or help writing a speech... there are a number of different services I offer. 

Alternatively, if you know you need something but aren't sure what it is, I can help with that as well. Drop me a line and we can figure out the best way I can help, together!

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For workshops, bookings, creative sessions, or quandries of any sort please simply email:

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