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Creative Sessions

Whether it is for a partnership, project, or individually, creative sessions help to loosen the strings that block us. Oval's creative sessions have helped people to look inward and outward to find the story they want to tell. 

Sometimes it is finding the confidence to make a speech. Or start a new artist project, or piece of writing. Whatever the challenge, Oval's creative sessions allow for the inner artist to come alive and crack through the boundaries of your psyche to create! To learn more, contact me!

'Ashley delivered workshops for us that was not only packed with great information but also super entertaining. All members that attended left asking for more.'

-Kwabena Amanposa

Community Manager, Peckham Levels

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Business Workshops

Oval also offers a range of business workshops. From finding the superheroes of your enterprise, to choreographing your customer's storytelling experience, we have workshops for every stage of your business. 

Each of our workshops is catered specifically to your businesses needs. If you want to know more about how this is done, reach out for more info!

Get In Touch



For workshops, bookings, creative sessions, or quandries of any sort please simply email:

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